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Without the brave men willing to assemble at a moments notice to defend their family, faith, and country, Americans may still be flying the Union Jack, and singing God Save the Queen. 


Militias were once a very important part of our national defense. Men from 16-60 volunteered to take up arms,  and fight against tyrannical rule. A group of these men considered the savviest fighters, and most physically able were known as the Minuteman. Usually 30 years of age or younger, these warfighters were ready to answer the call, anytime it came. 


This pendant frames a minuteman standing ever vigilant in an almost three dimensional sculpt on the front. Behind him is a ring of 13 stars (some partially hidden) paying tribute to our first true national flag. The back of the pendant is a stone texture with a hand chiseled message from our patriot to his family. Should he not return home from battle, he wants to ensure his values are remembered, (God, Family, & Country) long after he is forgotten. The bail is a tribute to our country’s liberation, it is adorned with a bell you may recognize. 



Are you prepared mentally, physically, and with your “tool set” to defend your freedoms? 

The Minute Man Pendant in Sterling Silver

SKU: 0009
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