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We strive to create works of art that evoke a spirit of Triumph, Bravery, and Valor, this ring is the pinnacle of all of those. It is a combination of God and Mortal Hero. 


At first glance you may only see Poseidon, one of the first 12 Olympians, soon you will see more. The Greeks worshiped him as their deity of storms, earthquakes, and the sea. Poseidon was one of the most loved, and feared gods that ever existed. Capable of bringing absolute surgical destruction anywhere on Earth with no warning, you wouldn’t want to be on his bad side. Simply designing a ring of this Supreme Being would be acceptable, but this ring is much more.


As we’ve said above, Poseidon was the architect of storms, bringer of earthquakes, and master of the seas, in modern times men with these abilities actually exist.......they are known as Navy SEALS. These men accomplish tasks that seem impossible, by Sea, Land, or Air, they strike fear into the souls of the wicked. 


Marc Alan Lee is the epitome of what every SEAL strives to be. Among the very elite he was a trusted and loved teammate. That is why this ring also honors his existence, and his heroic actions. 


In the spring of 2006, Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class (SEAL) Marc A. Lee was the first frogman to be killed by enemy insurgents, in the city of Ramadi, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. A teammate of Marc’s had just been critically wounded by enemy fire. Marc afforded his team the opportunity to administer immediate medical attention, and to evacuate the wounded SEAL, by suppressing the enemy with relentless machine gun fire.


After evacuating their wounded teammate, the SEAL team pushed back out into the battle. Conventional forces were fiercely engaging the enemy, and the fight wasn’t over. While moving through the buildings of Ramadi, the team again began to take fire. As his team maneuvered to take cover, Marc stood tall once more, and delivered to the enemy the payload of machine gun. During this selfless action, while ensuring his boys got to safety, Marc tragically was struck by an enemy round and killed instantly. 


Marc has been described as a “Saint”, as a “pillar of courage and faith”, and as a “best friend” by his former teammates. Nothing we can write will do him more justice than they, but we can and will honor his legacy, by supporting his Mother, Debbie Lee. Proceeds from every ring sold will go to Momma Lee’s non-profit, America’s Mighty Warriors. Learn more about her mission at and please donate selflessly. 


We told you earlier,  that at first glance of this ring, you may only see a tribute to Poseidon. For a long while, we have wanted to do a Sea God ring, and what better way to make it happen, than to use our hero, Marc Alan Lee’s face to create it. Under the coral crown, long flowing curly hair, and beard, we first started our sculpt with Marc’s likeness. In full composition you see a master of storms, earthquakes, and the oceans, but underneath it all, Marc is there. Tridents are closely associated with the SEALS and Poseidon, we added them to protect our Hero on both sides of this ring, they carry Marc’s initials, and dates of life. Nautical ropes, and fish scales make up the shank of this work. Within the under gallery you will find a “Punisher Skull” and Christian Cross, the skull was a symbol Marc (and other teammates) added to their battle gear, and the cross to honor his faith. 


Rest In Peace Marc Alan Lee

The Marc Alan Lee Ring in Sterling Silver