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Between birth and death, there is life. What people choose to do with that time, can be measured in many ways, and it’s been said that not everyone given the miracle of life, truly lives. This pendant is not for those people. 


The Live Free Pendant was created for the bold, and fearless individual, willing to display their patriotism right on their chest. This pendant is for those of you that are truly living, traveling the open roads, with the wind in your face, and American horses beneath you. Some won’t understand this lifestyle, they are not your people.


This pendant combines elements of an American V-Twin, like the primary chain bail, and the bolts found on its outer edge. A shield and American Flag create the main body, that contains hundreds of skulls, a reminder to never forget our fallen brothers and sisters. The back reads “Live Free” and has 2020 below our hallmark. This area can be customized with dates, names, or the bike rally you purchase your pendant at, just contact us for more info. 



The Live Free Pendant in Sterling Silver

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