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When we think of vikings, we think of blood thirsty warriors, pillaging and concouring lands with no mercy. The dangerous northmen were not only highly skilled warriors, but exceptional traders to boot. Some of the most crafty vikings, would wear cross pendants when trading in Christian ports. They found they could turn the better profits on their goods when they appeared to worship Jesus. When returning home with thier wares, they would replace thier crosses with hammers. This pendant is as much Christian, with its hand fordged bale and Templar Cross, as it is viking with its compass upfront and viking prayer on the back. 


We are calling this piece, The King Harald Pendant. The Danish Viking King Harald 'Klak', is one of the first well known vinking kings to convert to Christianity.  



Why limit the favor bestoyed upon you, to just one God?

The King Harold Pendant

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