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They sure don't make movies like they used to, one of my favorites as a child was  Conan The Barbarian. Arnold played the role of Conan and flashed his sword like a magician in my young eyes. I was about eight years old when I first witnessed a movie with so violence and nudity. My father didn't try to hide the world from me, and  many times taught me about things that I wouldn't understand until much later in life. 


This heavy anvil pendant is something that I have wanted to do for quite some time now and I am glad that I finally did. The anvil itself features the "snake and sun" logo utilized in the movie by Conans sworn enemy. His adversaries helmet sits in its final resting place where Conan ended his reign of terror with a decisive blow to the head. Conan's thrust was so mighty that his sword was embedded in the anvil for all time! Thousands of years must have taken place between this final act of defiance and the day when the deteriorated skull and jaw was found, disconnected within the helm of the mighty Thulsa Doom.

The Crom Anvil Pendant in War Ready Bronze

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