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America has created some of the most brave, patriotic, and heroic people this world will ever see. Our history is filled with marvels of ingenuity, creativity, and wonderment. Our citizens are Born Free due to the defiance of tyranny, and our willingness to stand up to the same. We are born free because of  individuals that are willing to Die Free! 


This ring pays tribute to America’s bold entrepreneurs,  brilliant leaders, and the fearless men and women who keep the wind in their face, and the flag flying high! 


The shield pays respect to the ones that have gone before us, it is filled with the never yielding patriots of the past. An American Flag draped over them forever. The shank reads “Born Free” atop a trace of rubber left on the asphalt from a mighty V-Twin.  


One of the most notable parts of this piece is our rendition of Mount Rushmore on the interior. From Washington’s dentures, to the “13” on Lincoln’s hat band that represents the 13th Amendment he wrote, we spared no detail. It was fitting to add this American Monument, that will stand the test of time, when so many others are falling. This ring will be making it’s debut at the 80th Sturgis Rally, in South Dakota.



The Born Free Ring Small in Sterling Silver

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