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The "Big Papa"

Big Papa Ring


Over the last few years, nothing has challenged, and excited me more than growing as a father. This was only compounded by the recent death of my nearly perfect father. 


I’ve thought about doing some apex predator pieces in the back of my mind, for a long time. Luckily the stars aligned, and I had a friend commission me to do a memorial piece for a late friend of his. We talked about men who have left a lasting impact on our lives, and I asked him a favor. My question was, could I do a version of his bear for our brand, Steve’s simple answer was, “of course.”


This “Big Papa” ring is the beginning of something, well…BIG! I want to create a community specifically for fathers. We as dads don’t always make the right calls, or know the best way to solve every problem, but we are traditionally still looked at to provide, and protect our family. If we perform our role correctly, our kids see us as superheroes, and they feel safe with us. Nobody plays with a child, utilizing more joyous enthusiasm, as a happy father. I tried to capture all of that in this one piece. 


Fathers that purchase this ring, will be added to a private “Big Poppa” association. As time grows, and more men join the fold, I see the group being a place for fathers to communicate with other fathers. We can help each other to raise the best little people possible. We will focus on how to be a successful husband, and provider. 


I was inspired by so many men to create this work, and my worth as a man is definitely owed to others, I hope you enjoy it.


This grizzly wears the scars of battle across his face, from the tip of his nose, to his split left ear. His wounds show his vulnerability, and battles life has thrown at him. His claws and paw are cracked and rough, he has traveled far in life, but he is not done. Under his forearm and directly on the other side of the shank, a king salmon is subtly carved into the ring. “Big Papa” is submerged in frigid waters hunting the fish. Our bear knows he has to sacrifice his personal comfort, or he will not survive. We as fathers have to show up, and sacrifice to keep our families fed also. My favorite part of this ring has to be the under gallery. A soft honeycomb is dripping with delights for our bear, this portion of the ring represents the sweetest part of being a dad, playfulness and small blessings. The honey bees in the bear’s mouth, and scattered around are life’s little distractions, they never go away, but we can learn to work through them. A little discomfort is worth the reward of true bliss, don’t forget that! 


Much Love Everyone! Anvil 

The "Big Papa"

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