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This ring is a reminder to all, that the United States of America was built by the strongest people the world over, of all ethnicities and origins, by the free and the enslaved. 


Strife and War united the people of the greatest nation on Earth. We are not without flaw, and may never be, but this nation has extracted the very essence of bravery, patriotism, and heroism from so many of it’s citizens. 


Men, women, and even children should learn or be taught American’s storied History. We should celebrate it’s victories and bring to light it’s mistakes, so that we can continue to grow, heal, and fight together. We must never let the light of Liberty’s torch dim. 


We combined the beauty of Lady Liberty, and the strength of the Valkyrie in this ring. This “finger cuff” style ring comes in thee sizes, each size is adjustable by gently opening or closing the space of the Valkyrie’s winged helmet. For Ladies the Small ring will fit the vast majority, while the Medium will fit ladies with larger hands and some men. The Large is recommended for anyone with big hands. These rings grow bigger proportionally in the three size options. 

Strength of the Union Ring Large in Sterling Silver

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