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The Matriarch Solitaire


Wear our Matriarch’s skull ring for any occasion. The subtleness of this ring, is part of its beauty. Whether you are looking for a unique engagement ring, or something different to show your strength, this is the one. 


The classic skull, and simple crown stone setting may go unnoticed by some, but when you examine the ring closely, you notice the fine details. This Queen’s crown holds a 1.5ct round stone. We set either White, Black Moissanite, or Red Garnet in our production models. We can also set any stone you choose, provided we can acquire the right cut. 


We offer this model in solid Sterling Silver, Sterling with a 14kt Gold skull, or solid 14kt Gold in single or two tone options, please contact us for custom work. 

Matriarch Solitaire Ring

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