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Spartan spirit still lives in the hearts, and souls of free men today. Those that would never let their lands, liberty, or rights be infringed upon without a fight, will understand this ring. 


We have combined some historic Spartan lore, with a touch of American Patriotism, to bring you the most savage Spartan ring on the market. 


 “With it, or On it” is carved into the Greek pillars on either side of the shank, in reference to a Spartan’s shield. The shield’s owner was to return with it in hand, or himself carried upon it, because he fought to the death. The phrase “Molon Labe”, (Come and Take it) King Leonidas’s famous response to the Persian army, is proudly placed front and center on the helmet, this is our tribute to a great military leader. Look inside the defiant scream of this this ring, and you will see death awaiting it’s enemies. 


The design of the helmet itself, takes inspiration from the new world. You may recognize elements of Lady Liberty’s crown, purposely worked into the forehead. Millions of immigrants, looking for freedom, have taken hope the statue’s beauty at Ellis Island. The inside of the ring protects an assaulting American Flag, worn by the best Warfighters on the planet.....period! 



Available in solid Sterling Silver, and War Ready Bronze

Leonidas Ring in Sterling Silver

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