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I Got Your 6 Dog Tag


This sterling silver pendant is a must have for any veteran, or military supporter. It was designed to not only show others you care about them, but to serve as a reminder to always take care of your military family. On the front of the dog tag, you have our G.A.D.K.A. Skull (see rings for more info) placed upon and American Flag with a twist. The 13 stars of the Betsy Ross Flag still complete a full circle to show the unity of our nation, but on this flag the circle forms the lower portion of the number 6. With this piece you literally carry the 6 of your brothers and sisters in arms! 


The back of the dog tag has a short verse written by Anvil.


“The darkness of battles past, must never be allowed to extinguish a warrior’s light.


We have a duty to our kind, and our country, to stand ready, act with purpose, to never let another fall to the war inside once their service is complete. 


I am your brother, your sister, your family, for all eternity........I’ve got your 6”! 



 ~ Anvil


**Please note mini scale picture next to quarter

I Got Your 6 Dog Tag in American Spent Brass

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