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It’s inevitable, everyone’s time on this Earth will at some point come to and end. 


This ring was designed for the  risk takers, and folks that have stared death in the face, and lived to tell about it. Whether you’ve cheated death in combat, won a battle with illness, or survived insurmountable odds in any other way, this ring is for you. 


This particular Reaper comes directly from our Harvester Pendant. Draped across his skull is a raven, sometimes believed to be harbingers of death. Like the Harvester a Pendant, a rosary can be seen hanging down the shank of the ring. 


The under-gallery of the ring features Grim’s hand holding a running hourglass, and his unforgiving scythe. If you look closely you will also see a carved stone skull and wings,  popular on old European grave markers during the Black Plague. The ring is finished off with the words,  “Death can Wait” also carved in a headstone. 


This ring comes in a Large and Small size option. 

Death Can Wait Large in Sterling Silver

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