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This pendant was not a piece we would have produced for our retail line, but we were asked by a friend to create it. A former team member from Anvil’s military service reached out with his request, needless to say we like it.  


Ralph Cook is the type of guy that everyone knows and loves, not only was he a career Air Force Security Forces Leader, but was also a member of the team that ruck marched with Anvil across America, to help veterans in need. It was fitting to name this piece after him. 


Grow out you handlebar mustache, and throw this old world pendant on, that features an 8 Reales coin from the pirate era, (piece of eight) and a hand sculpted bail, with a Templar cross carved out of the top. 


This pendant works best with the 4mm Dori Chain, and our 5mm Aces and Eights Chain, it was not created for our larger sized necklaces. 

Captain Cook Pendant

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