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If you were lucky enough to serve in a career field that wore a beret, this ring is for you. Over the years @_the_anvil_ has seen many many skull and beret rings in stainless steel at bike rallies. Of all of those rings, none of them were created with any sort of pride or realism. (Most look like shrunken heads with a “jiffy-pop” beret) 


The model we are showing you, has the Air Force Security Forces flash on the beret, but we have a blank model that we can sculpt any units patch on. The interior of this ring reads “What makes the grass grow?” The answer of course is BLOOD, and we made sure that you will never forget it, we sculpted it right into the shank. We built this ring to last. Most rings take a beating over the years especially if you ride, so Anvil concentrated on keeping this ring very solid and simple. The texture in the beret will hold a darker patina, than the skull itself which we will polish to a chrome finish. This ring will retail at no less than $475. 


Starting today until Sunday at 6:00pm, you can grab this ring for $380 on our pre-order sale.

Blood Ring in American Spent Brass

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