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Production and Delivery

In today's day and age everyone is used to instant gratification, and next day delivery. Our products are hand made, and in some cases not sitting, stocked on a shelf waiting for orders. Creating jewelry as a small business is time consuming and very expensive. If we have your item in stock it will ship within 72 hours of your payment clearance. In the event we do not have your item in stock we will start the production process immediately after receiving your payment. Depending on the item, your order should not take longer then 4 weeks to be in your possession. After placing your order, you can message us through social media or our business line to track your item's status. Once we have insured and shipped your item, you will receive a tracking number to prepare for its arrival.

Unfortunately in the last two years we have seen an increase in "porch piracy". Should your item be lost in shipping or as a result of theft, we will generate a claim and create an identical item to replace it. 

All of our items come with a lifetime guarantee against damage from "normal wear and tear". Our jewelry is made from precious metals and metals found on the battle field, but over time everything endures unique dings and scratches. This sort of damage can be polished and cleaned for life at the customers expense of shipping, or collected while on the road at shows, and shipped out once we return home (at no cost to you). Good things come to those who are patient, we promise you will receive something exceptional.


When you receive your jewelry you will also receive a sterling silver polishing cloth. This is the only recommended way to clean our jewelry. Our jewelry has great depth and contrast, due to a chemical patina process, and the use of different texturizing tools. Please DO NOT use "grandmas silver solution" or any liquid cleaning products that are specifically made to remove tarnish. We say this because many, many times people have stripped their jewelry of all contrast, and called us in a panic because they thought that they ruined their item. This is not the end of the world, and we can definitely add back the patina, but this type of refinishing will cost you $75 (yes we know the difference). 

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